Future Reading List for Young Professional Journalists

Books are magic, and reading is magical. It takes you to a different world. However, it all depends on the type of book you’re about to choose or which genre do you prefer. Wondering what to read before you start your journey as a journalist? There are so many Books for Young Professionals Journalists. All you need to do is find out the one that interests you. Readers love recommendations. That’s why we are here with the best book recommendations for you. All these books were written to hook the readers. Given below are a few suggestions of Professional Journalist Books in Florida –

WORKING – Studs Terkel

This book is covered in 9 parts and is written by a radio broadcaster and an oral historian, namely Studs Terkel. This professional journalist book is a collection of personal stories, and you won’t find any overarching plots or narrative. It will help you explore the meaning of work. Before writing the book, Status traveled the world interviewing more than 100 waitresses, laborers, sex workers, stonemasons, gravediggers, accountants, bookbinders, and so many other people. He then recorded their thoughts on the basis of the meaning of work. One of the best things about this book is the diversity of experiences and the commonality that you can find in all those experiences. Terkel calls it ‘Guerrilla Journalism.’ This one is an excellent read for young professional journalists.

ALL THE PRESIDENT’S MEN – Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward

This professional journalism book is considered one of the greatest reporting efforts of the century. Here, the investigation of the Watergate scandal is being reported by two Washington Post reporters who wrote and researched the whole story in a mesmerizing way. It’s a detective novel fashion and was just published a few months after the conclusion took place in 1974. Soon after that, articles of impeachment were posted against Richard Nixon that the House Judiciary Committee later approved. The story is a fast-paced one and is full of riveting events. There’s no room for philosophizing and introspection in this book. The important story is more than enough because of the dramatic accounts that happened in the scenario. This is a must-read book for young journalists.

IN COLD BLOOD – Truman Capote

This book is written with some dialogue and factual discrepancies. It’s a classic book more than worth a read because of its gold standard of true crime writing. The story reconstructs the murder of a small-town farmer and his family along with the execution of two murderers. With the help of 8000 pages of notes from the interviews of local residents and major law enforcement, along with a self-proclaimed ability to remember every inch of the 6-hour long conversation, the author has created an astonishing vivid narrative. All the book’s information is made clear right from the start. Even then, the book is quite impressive. It’s considered one of the most interesting professional journalism books for young journalists.

THE ALMOST NEARLY PERFECT PEOPLE: Behind the Myth of the Scandinavian Utopia – Michael Booth

Ending the future reading list with the book about the happiest countries on the Earth. The book’s title might point to a grim conclusion, but the narrative of this book is quite humorous. Booth is a self-proclaimed English journalist and a cynical misanthrope who sets out to investigate the reports and surveys that list out all the happy countries and citizens worldwide, despite the cold weather and high taxes. The story takes the readers through Scandinavian culture, history, and psychology, leaving them with a blend of fascinating research and memorable anecdotes. Despite the journalist’s initial objective that involves demonstrating all the seldom mentioned challenges and serious flaws of those countries, the author admits that it has been really fun writing the same. Get ready to hook yourself up with these amazing books.

So, if you’re still baffled about choosing young professional journalist books for yourself, you must check out the reading list given above. This is definitely a lifesaver for young professional journalists.
Wishing you a wonderful reading experience!

Happy Reading!

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